Small Business WiFi and BackUp

One of our long time clients bought a new office location recently and we ended up moving their existing network equipment for them to the new location.

This install was initially about as bare bones as we’ve done.  Typically we recommend all UniFi equipment because of how much insight having a full UniFi network gives us.  It’s much easier having that single pane of glass dashboard for remote troubleshooting.  In this case we ended up going with an Edge Router X and Edge Switch 8XP with three UniFi AC Lite APs to cover the whole building.  The original location didn’t have much room for a cabinet or much more than about 6U’s worth of space.  In this case, with the equipment we needed to get in the rack space, we didn’t even have room for a patch panel or brush panel.

While we had the time, we took the opportunity to clean up this small network rack a little bit when we were putting it back up in the new office.

We love using these AC Infinity cantilever rack shelves, they’re super sturdy and the vented bottoms especially help the EdgeMax equipment stay cool.

For this office we set up a Synology DS218 for local machine backups and scans to keep everything in one location with mirrored disks, which simplified the business processes the staff were used to and created a safety net for their critical documents.  Out of all my experiences with small businesses, this is probably one of the most overlooked things.  Nearly every business I’ve been to keeps documents spread out across multiple computers or on flash drives or external hard drives.  Enterprise redundant storage solutions are VERY affordable and can keep critical documents safe, even if one (or more depending on the size of the array) of the hard drives dies.

This entire setup was under $1000 and provided our client with an incredibly stable and high performance network including redundant storage.

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