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Our enterprise level wired and wireless networking, computer and server systems support, and network monitoring and statistics for small businesses can help bridge the gap between new technology and usability. Check out what we can do for you.


sunDigital offers enterprise level wired and wireless networking solutions that can revolutionize your internal network and even your wide area network at a cost that is a fraction of what big name brands like Cisco can do.  airFiber wireless can also help mitigate costs for last mile installations! We also don’t take network security lightly; our linux firewalls keep your information secure. Scroll down to learn more!


The tech ops staff at sunDigital has real world experience in enterprise business environments.  We know what works and what doesn’t and can design a fleet of standardized computers for your business, manage machine and user group policy, and set up access control. We are extremely well versed in Mac and PC environments, you make the choice that fits your company culture best.


Everyone hates losing information, and it’s even worse when you have to spend thousands to recover lost data. We can set your business up with enterprise grade storage arrays that offer redundancy and fault tolerance ensuring you don’t lose any of that critical data. Whether it be large capacity TimeMachine network drives or Macrium backups on PC, we also have solutions for individual machine backups!


At sunDigital, we’re big fans of products that offer insight and control over your environment, especially when that insight benefits our clients. That’s why we exclusively use Ubiquiti Networks’ products for our network installs.  In particular we use the UniFi system from Ubiquiti.  We feel that UniFi offers customers flexibility, scalability, and control unlike anything else in this price range. In addition to the UniFi line of hardware, we also employ an extremely effective firewall solution in-line (or border) that filters all traffic in and out of the network to give our clients a true “single pane of glass” dashboard of their network health and security.  For our customers that feel more comfortable with traditional networking, we offer Ubiquiti’s EdgeMax switching and routing products, a truly robust and powerful ecosystem that’s as flexible as it is cost effective.  The visibility that Ubiquiti offer’s in both the UniFi arena and EdgeMax ecosystem are unmatched.  Contact us via our contact form for a free networking consultation to see how we can help your small business!

UniFi Controller, when paired with a UniFi Security Gateway, and UniFi Switches and AP’s allows our clients to control every aspect of their network. It gives them insights into who’s connected, how long they’ve been connected, how much bandwidth they’re using, and even allows for customized guest network control and scheduled wireless networks.  We offer on-premise controller installations, hybrid cloud/on-premise via the UniFi Cloud Key, and full cloud controller installations with our private UniFi Controller. With UniFi wireless and wired products, we can create gigabit copper and 10g fiber networks, and even wireless backhaul and point to point extensions. UniFi AP’s can also create mesh wireless via 5ghz uplink between one another.  This ecosystem is constantly growing and being updated, which is the beauty of software defined networking.  Contact us to see what we can do for your network.


The advancements in wireless technology have grown by leaps and bounds in the past 10 years.  So much so that wireless point to point and wireless point to multi-point are as reliable in some situations as a physical connection for last mile installations where ISP’s refuse to install infrastructure (or make it financially impossible to do so).  That’s where airMax and airFiber come in.  WISP networks in the western part of North Carolina do well to deliver wireless service to residential areas because of the vast elevation changes and vertical assets available in the area.  In Eastern North Carolina we face an entirely different set of challenges with aging copper infrastructure and high cost to trench new lines.  sunDigital has met those challenges with short and long range PtP and PtMP networks that create stable, high bandwidth connections for our clients on license free frequencies.  Whether you’re a farmer that can’t afford to run cable 2 miles off the road to his house or a local business that can’t get permits to bore underneath existing roads or concrete, we’ve got you covered (wirelessly).  We offer free assessments for PtP and PtMP installations, check out our blog for some recent installs.


Our TechOps team is trained and well versed on both PC and Mac systems.  We don’t have any preference to one or the other, however, some systems work better in some environments than others.  For the PC side of things, we like to use Dell’s business products.  We’ve built Mac systems with iMacs, Mac Pro’s, and Macbooks.  Whatever the ecosystem you choose, we can design and standardize your fleet.  For enterprise Windows systems, we can configure Active Directory, set up domain controllers, configure group policy management and even set up OS deployment tools for larger organizations.

Helping you understand how your network and computer systems works is our main priority.  Having working in information systems and data networking for a long time, we’ve seen clients kept in the dark, fearful of the technology they work with on a daily basis, only because their tech support wants to maintain control. Don’t get us wrong, we love control.  The difference with sunDigital is that we desire control through client education, support, and training.  We want you to feel confident in what we install for you!
What kind of clients do you work with, and what applications do you offer?
We work with everyone from building manufacturing to small medical operations.  Most of our applications are software defined networking, wireless connectivity (both interior mesh coverage and long distance point to point), on site IP video surveillance, in office and cloud server automation and data storage.  If there’s a client that has a specific need we haven’t dealt with, we love learning new technology to meet your needs!
What is your response time on tech support?
Currently, we are still a part time organization, so turn around time is not always guaranteed within a couple hours outside of a technical service retainer.  Generally we maintain remote connectivity to all client sites and can resolve issues remotely very quickly. If on site access is required, we can usually have a tech there shortly after normal operating hours.
Do you have service contracts?
Absolutely! Most of our clients pay hour to hour, but often times, pricing works out better when an annual contract is signed.  And there are other benefits to being on a technical service retainer. Contact us to find out more!

I would like to say what a great experience that I have had with sunDigital. Knowledgeable, Professional and Courteous everything that you would expect and more! SD has literally gone the extra mile, to make our experience great, IT service that we will be Partnering with for years to come!"

Jeff Whitley

General Manager, W&W Truss Builders

"For a small business like Roanoke Therapy Services, Inc., sunDigital has been a great asset.  Jason at sunDigital is involved in the community, well respected by its clients and is truly knowledgeable about state of the art componentry.  Moreover, sunDigital staff and owners are honest and transparent about their service and cost factors.  They are our number one choice for all IT and web site design needs."

Dean McCall, DPT

Owner, Roanoke Therapy Services

"Jason at sunDigital has been great! I would highly recommend him and the sunDigital team. With every project, he has taken the time to craft a high quality product that is exactly what I needed. No need to look elsewhere, sunDigital has the expertise and experience you want from the best in information technology! And, Jason has a cool beard."
Steven Manning, MD

Physician, AccessMedicine

We exist to provide secure cloud hosting and professional network and computer system infrastructure design and support all at a cost that your small business can afford. More importantly we seek to glorify the Lord in all the work we do.


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