Chapel Hill UniFi Protect!

Back in 2019 we got a cold call via our website contact form.  Honestly, the email went to our spam folder and had I not randomly checked it, I would have missed it!  Boy am I glad we didn’t miss this one.  This was such a fun project for an awesome client with an awesome house.

The client found our contact info on a Ubiquiti forum, surprisingly, and wanted to spec out his new construction house with high bandwidth wireless and a video security system.

One of his requirements was having wireless and wired ports in different areas of the house that could handle high bandwidth applications for remote work for both him and his wife.  We’ve been using a lot of these In-Wall HD AP’s lately, but they really fit PERFECTLY for what he was needing.

Generally when we build a configuration for a whole home install, we typically make an onsite visit to plan out where equipment will go, but for this install – the client provided such detailed blueprints and information that we didn’t even have to make the trip to Chapel Hill.  The blueprints were provided by the builder and showed exactly where all CAT6 drops where pulled to, what kind of drop it was (single-gang box or soffit exit) with a very detailed building layout.

We ended up putting in the new Gen 2 Pro 24 port UniFi switch that supports the 802.3bt PoE standard for the core switch.  This was done because there were single CAT6 drops pulled by the contractor intentionally (where the client was unsure of how many devices he wanted, both now, and in the future) to soffit areas on the outside of the building.  These single drops would power one of the new Flex Switches via the Gen 2 Pro 24 port switch to provide multiple PoE outputs for cameras or AP’s outdoors when needed.

Here’s one such instance on the corner of the house, with two G4 Pro’s being powered by a Flex Switch:

Those G4’s on the back of the house were REALLY high up there.  Probably a few OSHA rules broken on this job 😊.  We put another G4 up front for motion detection with a custom detection zone using UniFi Protect to notify the client of packages or guests.  Mixed in with the G4’s there a Flex HD in there too, that you can’t beat for the price!

In this 3500+ sqft house we used 5 In-Wall HD’s; these things just look so good on this modern aesthetic farm-house style:

For the rack in this install we went with a 12U NavePoint glass front cabinet.  I really like the way the NavePoint racks mount, instead of having to manage to hold the entire rack up on the wall while you screw in lag bolts through the back side of the rack, NavePoint supplies a mounting cleat which you can easily level and mount, then place the rack on the cleat. All the weight is sustained by the cleat and shear force is not a problem.  And man….the glass on that rack just looks good.  I do prefer tinted glass, but this still looks really good.

Typically for patch cables we either use the slim CAT6 cables by Leviton or if money is tight for the client we really like the slim CAT6 patch cables by InstallerParts.  This client however, after surfing the UI website and doing some of his own research (which we love) insisted on using Ubiquiti’s patch cables with the bendy ends.  I have to say….I really like the bendy ends.  In shallow depth cabinets, with finger style cable managers, the bendy part makes things a lot cleaner.

Overall, this install went great, and the client was very satisfied with the quality of the equipment and the fact that it did not compromise the aesthetic of his newly built house.

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