Recently we had the opportunity to help out a friend with getting dependable internet back to their house at a cheaper cost than the cable company quoted for trenching.  The total distance according to airOS is around 750m.

For this particular application, to ensure adequate throughput in the case that the local cable provider increased their available bandwidth in the future we went with the PowerBeam 5AC Gen2 radios to build the point to point.

Initial planning with 20MHz channel width revealed about 121mbps total capacity which was more than adequate for the service that would be feeding it.  It also showed a solid connection without having to go up too high.

Although airMax would support the actual point to point link, we used UniFi for routing and switching.  For this particular design we used the UniFi Security Gateway 3 for routing at the road and two UniFi Switch 8 60W’s for the barn and house.  This particular customer thankfully already had conduit run from his barn (which was in an almost perfect spot for the PtP) and the house (which is where he wanted internet for his family.  We hooked up the station PowerBeam at the barn to one of the US-8’s for future AP addition in the barn, then linked the primary US-8 to a second one in the house over CAT6 through the pre-existing conduit.  In the house we added a UAP-AC Pro for WiFi.

At the road we put a cooled, weatherproof box for the routing and switching gear, as well as the cable vendor’s modem.

After we got the antennas aligned and got a good idea of what kind of noise existed in the area (none, surprisingly) we changed the channel width up to 80MHz and were able to get roughly 600mbps capacity for the link!

Overall the project was a big success and we were able to save this client quite a bit of money for reliable internet.  Not to mention the many advantages of using UniFi at home.  Looking forward to doing more of this in Martin County!

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