Has building a web presence been on the agenda for a while for you? It’s basically an unspoken requirement in today’s economy and web focused culture that your business have at least some kind of information on the internet.  With all the different ways to do that…which is best?

Just about anyone can get a website up and running by themselves these days.  Big box hosting companies have made it super easy to create sites, many with their own custom building platforms.  You can easily set up a hosting account with a company like 1and1 or GoDaddy and they’ll spin up a WordPress installation for you and offer a ton of “tools” to help you build your site.  Even sites like SquareSpace will throw your site together with a quick template and even integrate e-commerce payment framework! That all sounds great doesn’t it?  Obviously, based on the title of this post, we think managed hosting is way better…but what makes putting your businesses’ web presence into the hands some net wranglers like us beneficial?  Let’s get right down to it.

Support of Small/Medium Business

This is kind of a given.  Small businesses drive the economy, not to mention, they fight the toxic culture of corporate outsourcing.  When business owners put their web presence in the hands of companies like WP Engine they’re reinforcing free-enterprise, driving innovation, and supporting a company with a set of values (check out their About page!).  Small tech startups in particular need local business and other small businesses to succeed.


One On One Support

One thing that is severely lacking in hosting with big box hosting companies is personalized support.  When you host with ServantDesign, you get phone numbers, email addresses, and usually a face to put with all that info.  Because we’re small we can devote incredibly personalized attention to you and your business.  Local businesses in Williamston and across the state trust ServantDesign to care for their web presence because they can put a face to the name.



Security is one of the things that often gets left by the wayside when it comes to web design and hosting.  Most big box companies scatter your WordPress or Drupal installation across several different web servers (in a cluster or grid as some call it).  Makes sense for them, they can fit more customers into a smaller amount of physical cloud space, maximizing profits.  At ServantDesign, we’re not so much about maximizing profits as we are about providing you with the most secure, fast, and reliable service possible.  Hosting with us means you get your own private cloud server, for a low cost, and unparalleled reliability.  Because it’s a single virtual server, we can secure it much better than other hosts can with just a web application firewall.

We’ve learned from many, many downfalls just how important security is.  Over the past two years we’ve had to adapt our entire cloud structure to accommodate tighter security standards for our clients.  The internet is a dangerous place folks, and the majority of the time, it’s not some hacker in a Guy Fawkes mask sitting in a dark room trying to steal a bit of your information.  More likely than not, it’s a script, or a bot, running on a server, unattended, being persistent as the wind during a storm, trying to exploit some vulnerability in an outdated plugin.  If you’re not on top of keeping your server and WP install up to date, along with all the plugins, it could mean disaster with no recovery.

Talk to us about how we can help increase your web presence, and how you can help support small business in North Carolina or drop us an email on our contact page to request more info about managed hosting.

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